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K34 Program to configure, simulate and run a generic machine
Visual Studio .NET, Automation Studio, SQL Server, XML
P45 Program used in laboratories with diferents measuring instruments like callipers, dynamometers and torsiometers
Visual Basic 6
C91 Program to configure and run machines with Selema and SmartMotor motors
Visual Basic 6
L12 Remote interface for a machine that reads springs length and diameter by means of a video camera
Visual Studio .NET, SQL Server, XML
SmartC Compiler and programmer for smart cards with microprocessor AT90S8515
Visual Basic 6, Assembler AT90S8515
Legnodata Program to control boards sawing, pallets stacking and calculation of wood volume
Design and realization of a custom board with 32 Input/Output lines to connect the machine (two versions: Olivetti M24 and Pet Commodore)
BUL Z8000, BUL 6502

hardware devices

Periodontal Screening Device PSR Device used in odontoiatrical installations with European CE certification. Smart card with microprocessor AT90S8515 connected to the parallel port
Visual Basic 6, Access, SmartC, SmartNoCopy
SmartNoCopy Copy-Protection key based on a smart card
Visual Basic 6, SmartC, C
Orator Device used to collect inmediate audience evaluation
20 switchs connected to the USB interface using a Cypress AN213QC micro controller; video camera connected to the Fireware interface
Visual Basic 6, Access
EEprom Programmer Device used to program EEproms
Pet Commodore Basic

web based information system

Juego Domino © Online game of Domino with about 6.000 users
Visual Studio .NET, SQL Server, Web Services, Visual Basic 6

software solutions

Olivetti Datawarehouse

Program and protocol to collect data from the Olivetti Subsidiares in Latin America (Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Perú, Puerto Rico, Mexico)
Clipper, dbIII


ERP and Production Planner
Clipper, dbIII, System Maker

SIGECH Call Center solution used by the 20 italian subsidiares of Decision System
Paradox, Informix
OLGA OASI ERP used in Olivetti Subsidiaris: Argentina, Chile, Perú, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Austria.
Clipper, dbIII, System Maker
SIRVE Sistema Informativo Recursos Vegetales - Ministerio del Ambiente y Recursos Vegetales MARN - Venezuela
Clipper, dbIII, System Maker
System Maker © System generator specific for complex systems
Clipper, dbIII, C, Assembler
Contabilidad General Multiempresa Popular text based accounting program distributed in Venezuela
Domino Domino game with more than 10.000 copies sold
AppleII Basic, Assembler, PC QBasic, NoCopy
NoCopy Protection against floppy disk copy, under DOS 1.1
Assembler 8088
Starlock Program and control to produce keys for security doors
AppleII Basic
Wise Emulation of a Wise terminal for Olivetti M24
BUL Z8000
Oliword Sílabas Utility to split spanish words into syllables and low level print interface between Olivetti M24 and typewriter machines used as printers
BUL Z8000
BUL © Proprietary language Bottom Up Language and compilers
Assembler 6502, Assembler Z8000